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It doesn't matter if we like the idea or not. All major companies will be exponential organizations very soon. Because


exponential organizations (ExO) are 10 times more successful


In the past a new business idea was all that was needed


Companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Uber, Tesla or Airbnb have demonstrated the enormous disruptive effect exponential organizations can have on entire economic sectors.  It is not only the business idea that has made these companies so successful. Rather, it is ten characteristics that shape the organization of these companies into exponential organizations. 


It does not matter if we love exponential organizations. The future will belong to exponential organizations. In the future - at least on a global level - no companies will be able to exist that are organized differently. The advantages of exponential organization are too huge.


beeBlum can help you to work as effectively as an exponential organization.

beeBlum assists you on your way to become an exponential organization


All exponential organizations have a special drive, the "Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP)". This all-encompassing value system is so strong that it influences the work attitude and behavior of employees to a great extent. In particular, therefore, the goal of an exponential organization can never be profit maximization alone. 


What Massive Transformation Purpose does your company offer its employees? The "why" of the organization should be omnipresent for all employees and customers. With beeBlum you have the possibility to include your strategic goals via Objectives and Key Results in the daily decision making process.



Making the workforce more flexible to meet ever-changing demand is the key to greater flexibility and competitiveness. External experts offer expertise and high energy for temporary and specific tasks. With beeBlum you do not structure your responsibilities according to the organisational chart of your company, but around areas of responsibility, the Circle. In this way, meaningful structures can be created even across organisational boundaries.



Using the resources around your company increases customer loyalty and reduces marketing costs. The commitment of the crowd can easily be transformed into a community around your product and its purpose, thus increasing the value of the brand. With beeBlum you can give your community a real voice and involve them in decisions in certain situations.



New technologies constantly change the way we live, work and think. The competition is no longer the big company next door, but the start-up on the other side of the world that digitizes your product and distributes it for free. With beeBlum you can react much faster to new situations, make the effects transparent and thus come to better measures in the end.



The immune system of companies can make changes very difficult. It will attack new ideas and changes in behaviour through corporate culture and rules. If your company wants to survive, you have to enable change. beeBlum can help you to reduce this resistance. By involving your colleagues in important decisions you increase the "buy-in" and thus the acceptance considerably.


A number of external factors such as big data, community, crowd and other accelerating technologies also play an important role.