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Focus on information

Real-time conversations are a very useful form of communication - in really urgent situations. However, they have significant disadvantages when they become the primary method of interaction. They systematically steal a lot of attention and thus jeopardize the ability to perform concentrated work. That is why in beeBlum we use postings as primary carrier of information. 

beeBlum board.png

Postings are ideal for topics that require more time for evaluation. By grouping them in a suitable location, they give the user a clear orientation to follow information asynchronously from beginning to end. Comment threads on postings ensure that the discussion always follows the context.

The Markdown markup language can be used to format the text of a post. Markdowns are easy to understand and easy to read even in their original form.

Posts can be enhanced by any combination of criteria. Up to four of them can be displayed as favourites directly next to the post, without the need for another click. beeBlum has a number of predefined criteria, which can be customized or enhanced as desired. Currently the following basic types are available: text, list, Boolean, date and number with various formatting options. 

Personal and individual

beeBlum shows you relevant tasks, information and ideas in a feed tailored to your needs. The ranking of contributions is based on a combination of factors - starting with the comb you join as a new user, your interests you express over time, and taking into account the things you consider less interesting. Part of "the magic" is that there is no overall feed for a team or your entire organization. Even though different people will come across the same posts, the feed is unique to each person and tailored to that person.

You can drag & drop relevant posts from your feed into a suitable lane for your situation. They are stored there as a reference to the original posting. So all changes are done immediately and reciprocally in all boards that contain the posting. 

Your feed is the core element of the beeBlum App. Thanks to the particularly simple interface, designed for mobile use, you can support your colleagues or contribute new ideas virtually from anywhere - and whenever you have time.

Diversity and versatility are the two key factors to more creativity and the emergence of innovation. That's why we'll show you a few things in your personal feed every now and then that you may not really be familiar with at first glance... Just be open, because it is often what you did not expect that will lead you to a new, groundbreaking idea. 

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Clear responsibility

The "situation" describes a specific challenge, task or problem within the area of responsibility of a circle for which a result is to be achieved. Situations are the places where the essential knowledge work happens.

A "circle" is the primary organizational unit of the organization. They pursue a clear purpose and take full responsibility for it. A circle has to organize itself in a way that it fulfills this task in the best possible way. It can form sub-circle, the overall structure is hierarchical. Each person can be part of different circle. 

An "organization" is a unit of peoplework wo work together in a division of labor and continuously towards a common goal. A truly committed bunch ;-)


You can restrict access to your organization by specifying a domain. Only people who have an email address for your company can register as members of your organization.

Every situation is different

The main working instruments in beeBlum are situation boards. They are inspired by Kanban-Boards, but optimized for interdisciplinary work across teams. Your central source of information, your personal feed, is directly integrated into each board. 

A board is in charge of a clearly defined challenge or problem by describing the overall context. To structure the relevant tasks and information in a meaningful way, you can use any number of lanes.

Lanes are the individual tracks of your situation structure.  You can use them to organize yourself, create requests and share the information they contain with others via their personal feed. 


Structured and yet flexible

The information stored as postings can be moved between the individual tracks of the board, the lanes, by simply drag & drop. This is useful to organize work, tasks and information.

Lanes can be of different types. If they are of the task or perspective type, they share the information stored in them with a custom group of recipients. This could be specific circles, your whole organization or with the crowd. The exchange takes place via the personal feeds.

While postings in Task- Type lanes are considered completed as soon as they have been processed, Perspective- Type Lanes continuously provide you with feedback and ideas from other teams. You can specify in detail whether criteria values are displayed or queried, if comments are allowed or required (and much more).

beeBlum board.png

Create new knowledge

Every communication that takes place in an organizational context has the purpose that people share their implied knowledge, i.e. knowledge that is difficult to formalize. The actual knowledge work is then to create something new from the combination of formalized knowledge, from one's own experiences and the experiences of others. The pinboard function in beeBlum supports you in this process. It makes it very easy to prepare, condense or summarize information.


By pinning individual posts on a board, they are transferred to your pinboard. By this, you can collect related posts and condense them into a single new post simply by marking relevant text passages.

With the help of artificial intelligence , the so-called Natural Language Processing, beeBlum supports you in discovering similar contributions and in summarizing knowledge in a meaningful way.

Sometimes information ends up in the wrong place, or you discover that a problem is actually a little different. The pinboard can therefore also be used like a clipboard. You can move any posts by a simple drag & drop from the pinboard to a more suitable place. Of course, this also works beyond the limits of the original board. A super practical thing, man!

Develop options for action

beeBlum can do much more than just collect information. We help you to really get ahead. In order to eliminate the specific problem from the initial situation of your board, or to develop a specific proposal from an idea that you came across in the course of your work, there is the stage in beeBlum. There you link information and ideas from your board to specific options for action. Freely definable evaluation criteria make it easy for everyone in the team to understand how the individual alternatives differ from one another and how these assessments result.


In order to describe possible futures and to compare them better, you use a freely definable set of criteria in addition to simple text. These can be numbers, data and facts, such as costs or sales, but also "soft" factors such as the assessment of the risk or the expected increase in customer satisfaction. The evaluation criteria for all possible courses of action are equally important on the stage.

By the always useful, explicit comparison with the possibility of not acting at all ("alternative A0"), beeBlum makes it particularly easy for the decision maker to correctly evaluate the consequences of the situation.

By linking an alternative course of action with information from the underlying situation, evaluations become comprehensible. Because information can not only be linked, but criteria can also be referenced, a dynamic model of action is created. If the values in the source change, the evaluation of the action synchronizes automatically.

Decide using criteria

In order to compare different options for action, it is often not enough to simply compare criteria. Especially when several people are involved, assessments differ from one another due to different goals, preferences and values. An important and extremely useful tool is then the transparency of the evaluation standard. This not only helps to better understand the result, but also to recognize which aspects are really important for the decision maker. In this way you gradually learn to focus on these aspects when preparing decisions.

As a rule, not every evaluation criterion is equally important. You can therefore individually adjust the weighting of the criteria among each other in beeBlum and directly analyze the effects on the evaluation model. The leaderboard not only shows you which alternative is ahead and why, but also which criterion does particularly well with which alternative.

The leaderboard has two different views. In the alternative view , the options for action are compared with one another based on their criteria. The options are sorted from left to right according to their truncation and the significant criteria are displayed.

The criteria view helps you to understand in which option a criterion performed particularly well or poorly. The representation is therefore "rotated" here. The significant options for action are displayed for a criterion.


With Zapier you can immediately connect beeBlum to more than 2,000 apps to automate your work and develop new superpowers for your productivity.


We know that a unified data model is important for you. That is why we rely on SAP Graph as an interface to central data and functions from SAP. This allows criteria to obtain their possible values directly from your operational system. That ensures high data quality and consistency across system boundaries. This works also for data-exchange of orders, contracts or project elements between beeBlum and SAP.

SAP Graph Interface.png

In conjunction with the add-on solutions from our partner Five1, we support cross-tool and cross-provider collaboration in the field of analytics. In beeBlum comments can be collected, condensed and further processed in a context-specific manner.

Analytic AddOns.PNG

beeBlum is a cloud-based application and works as Software as a Service. That means you don't have to download or update anything manually. 


The privacy of our users and online security are our highest priority. beeBlum is fully EU-DSGVO compliant and hosted in the European Union, with servers located in an ISO 27001 certified data center in Frankfurt am Main.


The information provided on this website may describe certain functions of our software that will only be available in the future or may contain other forward-looking statements. beeBlum reserves the right to change, delete or reprioritize the scope or form of such information without prior notice. You should therefore not make your purchase decision based on the statements published here. Please note the information in our disclaimer as well.

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