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Decisions today are either so trivial that they can be automated, or so complex that no one can make decisions alone. 



In beeBlum you organise information about situations with the help of visual boards. You can integrate further participants and bring them all up to the same page. Every additional perspective can help to reduce all kinds of bias.



Nothing improves decisions more than the expansion of choice. Create action alternatives taking into account the criteria that are most important to decision makers. Always keep the strategy in mind.


Get things done

Understand much faster and more event-oriented, where you can get involved most meaningfully. Make the decision yourself, or ask your team for additional input. Maybe you delegate the situation further, why not to the crowd?


The immense investments in analytical software in recent years have not brought any noticeable improvement in decision-making, because

decisions are still being made the way they were made 40 years ago.


How long does it take for you to recognize market signals, discuss and analyze the circumstances with the right people? How quickly are you able to develop alternatives and agree on the criteria necessary for evaluation in the situation with all stakeholders? 


The further away from the actual task, from where things happen and the earlier decisions are made, the more negative the effect. The traditional annual budget is a prime example. Too many decisions are made too detailed and too early. The result is all too often wrong decisions with negative effects on value creation.


What would it be like for you as a decision-maker if you could simply decide anywhere and at any time instead of waiting for the next regular meeting?

Substantial increases in efficiency can always be achieved when organizations succeed in optimizing processes. Digitization is nothing more than process optimization using digital technology. Just a few data points can be enough to uncover enormous optimization opportunities in companies. 


beeBlum digitizes the most time-consuming and error-prone process for knowledge work that still exists today: Collaborative decision-making.


beeBlum brings together facts and knowledge at a single hub. We do not replace existing software, but complement existing solutions.


We are the only provider who can offer cooperation in the common analytical tools across manufacturers.


* requires the add-ons of our partner Five1


"We see a real gap between the information provided in business intelligence and the quality and transparency of decision-making." Rita Salam, Gartner


beeBlum enables scalable, structured, data-driven decisions. 


With the help of beeBlum you don't just decide in a more structured way and thus better and faster. By integrating the latest performance management methods into beeBlum, your decisions become more goal-oriented and the effects in regarding required resources become transparent quickly.