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Agile knowledge work is no longer optional: what cannot be automated does not follow a linear process.

Solve customer problems cross-functional. Understand the interconnectedness. Increase resilience through adaptability.


beeBlum means
Context collaboration

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for effective knowledge work in the 21st century.

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we are happy to show you beeBlum in a personal online demonstration.


Personal Feed for focused discussions


Systemic support of innovation & idea management


Visual boards to organize and share information for target groups


Opening up contexts


Agile support of decision-making workflows: No longer simply reacting - but shaping the future together

beeBlum creates a unique blend of social media and work management toolset

beeBlum combines the simplicity of exchanging information with the power to work out alternative actions in one single solution. This makes it easy for you to organize yourself, get valuable feedback and keep everyone on the same page. Because you can discuss and manage a situation on different perspectives at the same time you can open up a wider context, gain new insights and discover new ideas. You can evolve your findings to alternative actions, so it becomes amazingly easy when it comes to decision-making to understand the problem and what could be done about it. Using beeBlum will leed to fewer barely prepared meetings, to reaching your goals faster and have more fun at work.


Work management from different perspectives

You like working with Kanban boards? With beeBlum you take them to the next level. Share individual lanes for experts, your whole organization, or even the crowd. This way you can keep your colleagues on the same page, ask them for specific information or just get feedback. Custom criteria will give you maximum flexibility. Complex discussions, unexpected insights and new ideas are waiting for you!

Decentralized collaboration, no matter where you are

Your personalized information stream ensures that you are kept up to date on everything relevant, even when you are on the move. You can easily give feedback, add information or contribute new ideas whenever it is convenient for you.

By simply swiping you''ll get to the next posting. If you want to take a closer look at something later, you can always remember individual posts by pushing them to separate lists.

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Beeing agile, without administrative boundaries

Knowledge is the only resource that grows when it is shared, which makes knowledge work an interdisciplinary team sport.

We cannot waste our energy to work around man-made barriers. We simply have better things to do. That's why there is no administrator in beeBlum and no complex authorization setup. Everyone decides on their own what to share with whom. This way, everyone moves faster - and can feel "the flow"...

Orders from SAP, tasks from JIRA and analysis from POWER BI.


beeBlum works seamlessly with all your favorite tools, including SAP.



Better decsions

Information is useless if no action is taken. Therefore, beeBlum supports you to work on different alternatives. By linking criteria with information from your kanban-style board, a dynamic action model is created. By adjusting the weighting of individual factors, you can analyze the effects on the model and thus make more objective decisions as a team. 

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