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It is no longer a question of managing and controlling people, but of finding ways to put responsibility and authority over clearly defined areas of responsibility into the hands of the employees. The combination of intelligent objectives and individually optimized involvement helps to optimally support the performance of each individual, to work better and more fulfilling at the same time.

"The organizational culture is not a coincidence. It is the product of decisions, behaviour and attitudes of the top executives of a company."
- Gary P. Pisano 

Communication is the heart of every organization.


A good communication framework serves as a blueprint for achieving your company's goals. It is the key to the successful implementation of the strategy. It helps you to react quickly without losing sight of the overall goal or purpose. It must convey the relevant, future-oriented and, above all, the ambitious key issues of all stakeholders and thus inspire desired actions.

Only in this way can the various interest groups succeed in ensuring the interaction and cohesion between a company's business strategy and its other aid programs.


Contrary to popular belief, performance is not determined solely by the nature, scope and allocation of resources. Success depends at least as much on the quality of decisions as on their actual effectiveness. The structure of a company must therefore support above all the ability to make important decisions better and faster than the competition.


Other performance management solutions are primarily concerned with creating goals and measuring their success. We believe this approach has failed.


beeBlum integrates performance management directly into the decision-making process.


Companies must develop a new understanding of what performance management can do for them. It is no longer a question of controlling employees, but of supporting them in their daily work. Therefore, performance management must be embedded in the organizational processes in order to consider goals exactly when they come into play: when making decisions.


beeBlum has a structure that is able to cope with non-linear and digitally driven developments. We combine the elements of various agile methods such as OKRs (Objective Key Results) and Holacracy in a unique way with successful approaches of classical methods such as Beyond Budgeting, Management by Objectives and the Balanced Scorecard. In this way we create the unique communication framework for an exponential organizational structure.


We have developed beeBlum in such a way that you don't have to turn your (whole) company upside down, apply for a budget or pay many expensive consultants before you can start. To achieve strategic goals, consider resources earlier, identify bottlenecks and make meetings more focused, just sign up.


With beeBlum you can win back the freedom to take care of the essential things!