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“The supply chain stuff is really tricky.” ~Elon Musk

The challenge in supplier selection


The decisive factor in strategic purchasing is no longer just price. Quality, risks or delivery times are only some of the criteria that must be taken into account today when selecting the best suppliers. The creation of the data basis is therefore an important first step. However, in view of the increasing complexity of our global economic system, this is no longer enough.


The large number of providers and stakeholders involved in the decision-making process leads to a high variance of information. In addition, there are spatial and organizational hurdles. With each criterion and each additional alternative, the risk of ignoring important factors in the evaluation increases.


It is therefore one thing to evaluate the data available in Central Purchasing, quite another to assess a complete picture of a supplier. This requires a communication framework that brings together data and knowledge in a meaningful way, and thus enables a comprehensible selection of suppliers.

In beeBlum all parties involved, including the suppliers themselves, have the possibility to communicate with each other on the same platform. This way, issues that do not arise purely on the basis of the data situation can be clarified in a comprehensible way and compiled in a way that is ready for decision.



A systematic approach for comprehensible decisions


With beeBlum you can transform your strategic procurement process into a systematic approach where all information and (selection) criteria of the different participants can be displayed in a central software platform. 

Regardless of whether you have to present tender results to the board of directors or the non-selected supplier, the justification of procurement decisions becomes very easy with beeBlum. The criteria used in the selection of alternatives and their weighting remain traceable at all times.