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If you believe that people cannot be trusted and the future is predictable, then traditional management makes perfect sense.

If you disagree, take a look at beeBlum.

Knowledge workers today are (fortunately) no longer satisfied with every kind of work. They want to work with fun and pleasure and want the (massive transformative) motivation of the organization to match their own. This ensures that the lived organization chart resembles more a beehive than a traditional company in the form of a pyramid.


Such exponential organizations resemble a cult from the outside because they get everyone to commit themselves fully to the company. Because people do not work for the company, but to change the world.


beeBlum will forever change the way we work together.


Be yourself

Emotional intelligence is the key



Complex situations can be judged less and less often on their own. Only when we share our perspectives, experiences, successes and failures we can build meaningful relationships. Because even more important than data are people who actively shape a company. They are not only happier, but also produce better results. 

Be part of the change

Change is the new normal



Passion, goals and a purpose that drives us are the engines of change. In the exponential world, there are no standards anymore. We no longer follow rigid processes, but work asynchronously, to the rhythm of a flexible ecosystem. Trust and transparency lead to success. The organizational design corresponds to a network with, partly temporary, team-based structures.

Make a difference

Everything begins with a first step.



What if we spend hardly any of our time in meetings? Instead, we only contribute when it suits our expertise and skills. Then suddenly there would be a significant amount of time to take responsibility and to focus on the client's needs. With beeBlum you become part of a movement that will no longer be satisfied with less. Do your part and become a multiplier of change.

The honeybee is a supporting pillar in our ecosystem. With their pollination performance, honey bees contribute significantly to the biodiversity on our planet. However, various stress factors weaken bee health and repeatedly lead to shocking bee mortality. One important cause is the increasing industrialization of our agriculture.

Bees suffer from the use of pesticides, the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMO). Due to the cultivation of huge monocultures the bees find hardly anything to feed on.


Mellifera e. V. is committed to the preservation of the bee population through the beeGood campaign. We want to support this.


For every Euro turnover we donate 1 Cent to beeGood. If you also want to participate, become a bee sponsor and look forward to delicious Demeter honey once a year.

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